English Language Ministries

Jesus Village Communities

 Jesus Village groups are made-up of members of the EM family. Each village has a leader that assembles the village on the availability of each member. Normally meet once a month, or more frequently, at a members home. Aside from Bible Study and fellowship, the village helps in the accountability for Spiritual growth.

The primary focus of each village is the acronym: C.A.R.E. C= Compassion, A=Availability=R=Relationships=E= Encouragement.

Each and very member is important each member in the village with Top Priority being prayer requests and other concerns village members have. All discussion are held in confidence of within the village.

Below are the Village groups, locations and point of contacts:


  • Roger Law 

    • Puyallup & Tacoma - 98371

  • Jaime Papaguitan

    • Lakewood - 98445

  • Rudy Rudegeair

    • Graham - 98338

  • Butch Shaddock

    • Tacoma - 98445

  • Tom Bradley

    • Parkland - 98444

  • Rick Detheridge

    • Puyallup - 98375

  • Seon Choe

    • Tacoma - 98444

  • Eric Mose

    • Lakewood/Steilacoom- 98498

  • Don Prater

    • Tacoma at large