A church is not just a building but a place for us to worship and have fellowship in God’s name. Websites on the internet given by the benefit of civilization modern people is one way we can fellowship in God’s name.

Thus, I pray that this fellowship and sharing of grace on this page will let everyone visiting our page of God’s love and encouragement.

We now live in a high technology world, in that we can visit just about any place on this earth with a simple click. There is a flood of information to be found on the internet, that just because one seems happy, they may be lonely or have feelings of sorrow. I believe in this high technology generation that more than people needing information they need high touch. Searching for information on our computer can cause an intense competition that we feel we need to win but ends up making us dried up. People always want someone to comfort them and converse with them. Lately some major cities have been having hug events where people can receive hugs for free.

Jesus touched people who were dried up. This is high touch. Those who were able to see Jesus were able to receive the healing from high touch. They realized their sin and also realized that their lives were empty, this is how they craving for the Lord’s touch started. It is the touch of forgiveness, touch of love and the touch of ability. This is the start of a new life.

This is what our Tacoma First Baptist Church homepage aims to do. With the touch of the keyboard, I hope that you are able to experience God’s great and wonderful love. You are not alone. I want to share God’s space with you. I pray that everyone who visits this page will be able to feel love and blessing through high touch. God lives and even today loves everyone.


Senior Pastor Sung E. David Choi