Young Adult Ministries (YAM)

YAM Pastor: Jake Ahn (
YAM and Worship Meetings
Sunday Worship at 11 A.M.
YAM Sunday Meeting at 1 P.M.
YAM Friday at 7:30 P.M.
UPS Bible Study (Got Word) Wednesday at 7 P.M.

Young Adults Ministry is for ministering to EM College and Singles.

The purpose is to raise the disciples of Jesus Christ,

to train the leaders in the world as children of God and to focus on living the life as worshippers.

The Lord’s Day service is joined with youth and there is YAM meeting on Sunday at 1PM.

Through Friday YAM, the discipleship and Bible Study training is done and annually,

there is one united retreat and YAM retreat with other evangelism and mission ministries.